CFI Summit: An International Congress in the Pacific Northwest. The joint conference of the Center for Inquiry, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, incorporating CSICon 3. October 24-27, 2013. Register now.


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The Conference Dedicated to Science and Skeptical Inquiry.

Science and reason are taking quite a beating lately.

Popular culture, academia, and even the halls of government seem swarmed with alternative medicine hucksters, extraterrestrial conspiracies, psychic scam artists, and science-deniers who infuriatingly refer to themselves as “skeptics.”

It’s time for the real skeptics to get together and make a little noise of their own. And where better to do that than in Music City itself?

That’s right. It’s time to get empirical.

October 25–28, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee

NEW! Anthony Pratkanis’s presentation Weapons of Fraud: How con criminals scam the public and what we can do about it is now available to download (.PPT).

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